I am not Florida based, but I can share my own experiences using the passes. I believe it’s the same for all Main Entrance Guest usage, unless they’re comps, which don’t have the same restrictions.

If she’s using her Guest Passes, they are linked to her account only, and you will not be able to see them unless you’re in her account, even if you’re linked. Guest Passes don’t technically get assigned to a specific name/person – you’re just Guest 1, Guest 2, Guest 3, for example, not Tom, Dick and Sue. She’ll be able to book at 60 days out if she’s on a resort reservation, I believe 30 days without a resort reservation, and she can only book FPs on 4 days of guest passes at any given time, even if the resort stay is longer than that. Just keep in mind that you physically need to have her actual hard “ticket” pass (like the credit card ones) for park entry and for FP touch points – they don’t get linked to your MagicBands at any time, so even after she accompanies you into the park, you’ll have to hold on to the pass if you intend to use FPs without her.

Hope that helps!

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