I was a “mega-planner” for our first few trips. This was before FP, so I had written up detailed touring plans – rope drop, ride this, ride that… lunch, ride, etc. My husband said I was planning to storm the beaches of Normandy!

It worked, but gradually over time we found we didn’t need it. We started deviating from the schedule. We began playing things by ear. I even started scheduling in time to be “spontaneous”. :rotfl2:

Interestingly, FP has assisted in the process of letting go and being more spontaneous. Now that I’ve got a couple “big” rides in my pocket, I feel much freer to just get on whatever we happen to walk past if it’s got a short queue. No more trying to keep to a precise schedule. And booking my FPs in the morning, means we can park hop over to a different park in the afternoon, if we want. Or just spend the afternoon at our resort! Sometimes we skip our Fastpasses, if we’ve changed our mind about what we want to do.

For me, the way to be “laid-back” at Disney is…

1. Don’t schedule more than 3 or 4 sit down meals in an 8 day vacation. Trust there’ll be somewhere for you to eat, when you’re hungry.

2. Have park hoppers.

3. Have ridden most everything at least once at some point in your life, so you won’t feel you’re missing out. (We have APs.)

Personally, I don’t think I’d be happy just sitting at the pool for three days, with Epcot only a short walk away and me not able to set foot inside it. I’d rather have those tickets, even if I intend to sleep in and even if I might decide not to use them. I like having the freedom to go where I want.

Also, I find sitting beside a pool gets really boring – and hot! – after about 15 minutes.

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