For our trip in January, I have a morning planned at DHS followed by an evening at AK.

I was thinking about stopping at the Boardwalk for a casual lunch, either at Big River Grille or the Boardwalk Bakery. In all honesty, what I’m angling for here is a stop at Ample Hills Creamery… But as I’m planning for my five year old DD and “older” parents, I suppose I should play the responsible card and actually provide a lunch plan other than ice cream. :rolleyes1

Anyway, we will be driving to the parks (from Fort Wilderness) because my husband abhors the Disney buses. So for an actual question, what do you think is the best plan as far as transportation? Should we leave the truck in the DHS lot and take a boat to Boardwalk and back and then drive to AK? Or just drive from DHS to BW then on to AK? Could we park for free for a few hours at the Boardwalk anyway? Or I think we could leave the car and walk. I’m trying to decide what would be easiest and quickest.

Also, I know none of the options are a must do but if you were looking for a quiet simple lunch outside of the parks, which restaurant would you choose on the Boardwalk?

On a related note, I also considered Beaches and Cream but I just hatched this plan like a month ago and haven’t been able to get a lunch ADR at any time. Which is fine. I know it’s a small place.

Thanks for any insight!

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