France rock legend Johnny Hallyday – the French “Elvis” as say CNN – died at 74, his wife Laetitia announced his death a few hours ago. Fantastic singer, immensely known since the 1960’s. Those of you in the U.S who didn’t knew him have no idea how Johnny was hugely popular in France and how a great showman he was on stage. He lived several lives, literally became a kind of “national monument” and his death will be a tremendous shock in France, Belgium and Switzerland, though expected as it was announced last June that he had a lung cancer. Totally instinctive and not at all an intellectual, he belonged to these kind of men who were born to be on stage, like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger and many others.

It’s hard to find a link between Johnny Hallyday and Disney – he never played in a Disney production – but at least there is one, and it’s when he came at DLP, invited for the Grand Opening of the Walt Disney Studios, with his wife Laetitia and family.

Laetitia came back later often at DLP as you’ll see with this other picture of Laetitia and their adopted daughter Jade in front of Big Thunder Mountain.

You can see the video of the Walt Disney Studios Grand Opening with VIP guests and, so, Johnny HERE. And i’ve also found back an article that i did on D&M in 2009 about a project of a retheming of the Rock and Roller Coaster with Johnny Hallyday instead of Aerosmith. It was an April Fool with fake WDI concept-arts, and the April Fool worked pretty well at that time, you can read it HERE.

Disney and more send his deepest condolences to Laetitia, Jade and Joy as well as to David Hallyday and Laura Smet, the two others children of Johnny.

Pictures: copyright Disney, Laetitia Hallyday

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