congratulations on getting everything you planned on, especially FOP. My first 60 day mark is next week. We are doing a 3 resort split stay (renting points – it was what was available) so I have not 1, not 2 but 3 mornings next week where I get to wake up at 3:55am Pacific to get those FP+s! Nice to see you were able to get FOP at 60+2. I am hoping for it on my 2nd leg at 60+3.

This has been a very useful thread for me as I’ve also thought about whether to get FP+’s at the 2nd resort on hopper days, or stick to earlier ones at the am resort- I think I’ll plan on earlier at the 1st resort and hope I can get some sam day at the 2nd resort. Trip is myself, DH and DD9. We last visited 4 years ago but have been to DL often so we are most interested in things that aren’t at DL/DCA.

How does this look for a plan:
(1st 4am wake up)
60: EPCOT (flying in late from California the night before, staying offsite, expecting to not get to the park until 11am): Frozen (11:30), Nemo (12:30pm – we have a 1pm lunch ressie at Coral Reef), Turtle Talk (2pm); evening at DHS (Star Wars Dessert)- try to get some same day FP

60+1: EPCOT (Soarin’ at rope drop), Test Track (9:30am), Mission Space Green (10:30am), ??
FP+2: DHS (get in line for Jedi Training at EMH start), RRC (9am), ST (10am), ToT (11am), or use these for when we hop to MK in the late afternoon, doing HEA dessert too – we do want to see Beauty and the Beast at DHS – do we need a FP+

(2nd 4am wake up)
60+1 MK: 7DMT (9am), BTMR (10am), Belle (11am) (lunch at BOG), hop to EPCOT later in the day to see a F&W concert
60+2 MK (sleep in/relax at pool): HM (noon – may move out if we do water park), Space (2pm), Splash (3pm), CRT lunch at 1
60+3 AM: rest/sleep in, maybe water park, AK: FOP (5pm), Dinosaur (7pm), EE (8pm) Tiffins ROL dining 5:30pm
60+4 AK: rope drop Navi, FOP (9:30am), Lion King (10:30am), Safari (11:30am)

thanks in advance!

BTW I have not done it but I do think once you scan a FP you can try to move up another if the time is available. have a great trip!

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