Closing in on our FP selection date so trying to finalize but I’m stuck on HS. !0 in our group including 4 preschoolers ages 1-5.

Our park date is May 7 and a top priority is TSMM which I know could be closed:( But for planning purposes we will go with what we know.

Planning FP for TSMM, Frozen Sing-Along and ??

The adults don’t want ToT and if anyone wants RnR they will do single rider. We plan to see Beauty and the Beast, Disney Jr. and Muppet Vision in that order of priority if we can sit through that many shows. I feel like it’s a wasted FP to use on a show but I really don’t see anything else for us at HS.

Am I missing anything that would appeal to preschoolers and is there one show over another that would benefit more from a FP? I want to schedule 3 FP on the chance anyone wants to do a ride with a 4th.

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