Looking for strategy here. My family of 4 is arriving 4/14 and I’ll be online booking fast passes this coming tuesday morning! However, my in-laws are joining us starting 4/16…..so I can’t include them in my initial fast pass selections. I’ll have to be online again morning of the 15th to book theirs. But which approach is more likely to get me times that are the same as ours?

1) just look for the same or overlapping times for them
2) modify the FPs I already booked for the 4 of us add try to add 2 people
3) other??

If it matters, these are the FPs I’ll be trying to get: AK (Navi, EE, Lion King), EP (FEA, Spaceship Earth, Mission space), and MK (Peter Pan, Jungle cruise, Pirates).


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