Instructions for booking a FP+ for another park while in the first park (with pictures):
In this case, Eric has a Tier 1 (RnRC) and a Tier 2 (Star Tours) both booked at HS. As soon as he tapped at RnRC, I began to look for a new FP+ for him, this time at Epcot. I used the center Menu button and selected FP+ from the choices: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9875.png.html?action=Copy&

MDE told me that some members of my party were eligible for additional FP+. I selected View Eligible Guests: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9876.png.html?action=Copy&

I selected Eric and then the current date and park I wanted (Epcot in this case, although he was currently in HS): Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9877.png.html?action=Copy& Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9878.png.html?action=Copy& Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9879.png.html?action=Copy&

The only Tier 1 available was Illuminations, so I selected it for testing purposes to show that you could get another Tier 1 in a different park: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9880.png.html?action=Copy&

I then hit Confirm on the next screen: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9881.png.html?action=Copy&

At this point, Eric now had 3 FP+ assigned for the day (including RnRC which he was in line for) so you’ll see the option on the bottom to choose more FP+ for the Same Day is greyed out. If you had only booked 1 FP+ for starters (only RnRC in his case), then he would be able to book a third FP+ for whatever park he wanted at this point: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9882.png.html?action=Copy&

The Home screen at this point shows his current FP+ (RnRC – that was just scanned), his outstanding FP+ at the same park (Star Tours) and his remaining FP+ (Illuminations) for a different park: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9883.png.html?action=Copy&

Next I decided to test changing to yet a third park for the day. I decided to change his Star Tours to see what I could find in MK. I first clicked on the Star Tours FP+ shown on the home screen and then selected the Cancel option: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9884.png.html?action=Copy& Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9885.png.html?action=Copy&

This leads to the same result as if he had just never scheduled that extra FP+, so selecting the new FP+ is like just choosing a new one for the day. I selected Eric as my FP+ party Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9886.png.html?action=Copy&

Next, I chose the current date and the park I wanted (MK this time): Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9887.png.html?action=Copy&

I next chose a ride for the afternoon time. Note that just like always, you cannot schedule FP+ for the same time as another FP+, even if in another park. In this case, I opted to choose Barnstormer for this FP+: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9888.png.html?action=Copy&

I again clicked on the time I wanted and then hit Confirm: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9889.png.html?action=Copy&

Again Same Day is shaded out since Eric now has his initial allotment of 3 FP+ selected for the day. He will not be able to select a 4th FP+ until he scans at the 3rd FP+ location: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9890.png.html?action=Copy&

By this time, evidently the system had registered that he had used the RnRC FP+ and it was now gone from the FP+ shown: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9891.png.html?action=Copy&

Although all of this was accomplished while waiting in the line or preshow (in addition to all the Tiered testing I did above for Helen) and we hadn’t actually gotten on the ride yet: Trips/2015/FPP Testing/IMG_9892.jpg.html?action=Copy&

So at this point Eric was physically in Hollywood Studios and had already booked FP+ for both MK and Epcot for later that day.

In general, I would recommend booking FP+ even if you’re not sure if you’ll use them as you can always cancel them and book for another park if you decide to do so. If we had wanted to do Star Tours and the line was long, he could have used that FP+ and still had the 3rd for another park already booked. If it was a short line or we were ready to leave HS, he could then just cancel that FP+ and book, well in advance of his arrival at another park. These recent changes to the system allow for a lot more flexibility in current day planning – you could even decide whether or not to hop or where to hop based on what FP+ were available at that time.

Also, one final note that if you had already booked 3 FP+ in your first park and wanted to book the 4th for a different park, your screen would look the same as in the second picture in this thread and you would select View Eligible Guests and continue in the process exactly as shown above.

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