I’m having a hard time getting a touring plan to work for me. I see there’s a button for “Force “Optimize” to use all of your FastPass+ reservations” but I can’t get touring plans to do the same thing for “evaluate.” Problem is, I’m getting a good plan going, then I move 1 or two things, hit “evaluate,” and BAM, all my fastpasses disappear. The rides are in the same order, mind you, but they are no longer using the fastpasses correctly, so now all the times are off (have gotten longer.)

Here’s the problem in more detail. I wanted Big Thunder twice, but the Optimize was putting both rides back to back, which I didn’t want. I added a FP for Big Thunder at a later time, slightly arranged 1 or two rides, and hit “evaluate.” TP chose to apply the fastpass to the first big Thunder ride and not the second, which has now created a 149 minute gap between that and the next ride…which I can’t seem to get rid of. Help?

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