Hi everyone,

We are heading to WDW in two weeks and I’m trying to create a plan of attack for FOP. We have a party of six: my husband and me, 6YO, 3YO, and grandparents. Grandmother doesn’t like thrill rides/simulators and 3YO is too small to ride. We don’t have FPs because we are staying offsite and they were long gone at 30 days out. I’m going to try to get FPs starting the night before, but I know it’s a long shot.

So currently our plan is to rope drop and for 4 of us to ride FOP. But I am not sure what my mom and 3YO should do. If they come with us to the ride, we can do a child swap and then 3 of us can ride again, correct? Is it worth them doing the rope drop craziness with us for that benefit though? I’m a little worried about the crowd aspect and my 3YO in the stroller. How aggressive is the rope drop crowd these days? Also when you do child swap, where do the ones not riding leave you? I have heard the queue is interesting, would it be worth it for them to stay with us for whatever portion of the queue they would experience as part of the child swap? Is it possible for them to do the whole queue and then bail out right before the ride? I don’t want them to be bored but if it is a fun experience it might be better for them to stay with us rather than trying to find something else to do for the couple hours it might take the rest of us to ride.

Thanks so much for your input!

P.S. If I manage to get fastpasses for FOP the night before, then our plan will be to rope drop for Nav’i, which I understand is appropriate for all ages.

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