So, we went on FoP on a FP+ on Tuesday, and my BF had problems fitting his legs into the bike. The cast member got the restraint in on his back, but then really had to push to get the restraint to click closed on his calves. BF said the bike was uncomfortable and he was worried he would injure his back, which had been hurting him, but I told him to just relax forward, and he was fine.

We loved the ride and wanted to try a second time during EMH, since the line time went down. We waited over an hour, and when it was our turn, the cast member who fitted the restraints couldn’t fit the calves and gave up more easily than the former cast member, and turned BF away. We were crushed. They didn’t even offer him a FP to make up for it.

I don’t know how much he weighs (300 lbs maybe?), but the main problem was actually his tall legs and big calves. He’s never not been able to ride a ride before.

So much work and intricate planning went into every detail of this land, from the forced perspective, to the crazy flora, to hand-weaving, hand-painted murals, all the cool “scientific” technical gack on the FoP line, how the walls feel when people lean on them or touch them on the line of Navi River Journey, to the detail of feeling the banshee “breathe” on FoP. I am pretty shocked that they overlooked such a big detail such as making it possible for many different body types to ride this ride. I mean, the restraints aren’t really all that necessary as far as I can see. You tilt way forward at times and you tilt to the side at times. It’s largely VR. They can’t make the seats more adjustable, or at least make bigger bikes or seats for bigger people? This is a huge gaffe, and really unfair.

Also, I noticed they put a bike outside of the ride “to try”, but it wouldn’t prevent you waiting on the long line for nothing, because there is no indication of the restraints. My BF fit fine on the bike.

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