Finally! The super-hero movie that i’m awaiting the most since years and years is now in development as The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that Fox Execs are “going 100 miles per hour” on the development of a stand-alone movie of the Silver Surfer! The legendary christlike character will have at last dos own movie which is being written by award-winning writer Brian K. Vaughan. Little else is known about the project at this point.

Although introduced by Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four issue 48 in 1966, it’s with John Buscema – one of the most important artists at Marvel Comics for decades who produced gorgeous pencils for some of the most iconic Marvel characters including The Avengers, Thor, The Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, and many more – that the Silver Surfer became legendary and Buscema acclaimed for his stunning rendition of the noble and tormented Silver Surfer. He is definitely my favorite super-hero and it’s also the favorite one of Stan Lee!

Above, a self-portrait of John Buscema with the Silver Surfer and some of his ennemies.

The Silver Surfer is a humanoid with metallic skin who can travel space with the aid of his surfboard-like craft. Originally a young astronomer named Norrin Radd on the planet Zenn-La, he saved his homeworld from the planet devourer, Galactus, by serving as his herald. Imbued in return with a tiny portion of Galactus’s Power Cosmic, Radd acquired vast power, a new body and a surfboard-like craft on which he could travel faster than light.

Now known as the Silver Surfer, Radd roamed the cosmos searching for planets for Galactus to consume. When his travels took him to Earth, he met the Fantastic Four, a team of powerful superheroes who helped him rediscover his humanity and nobility of spirit. Betraying Galactus, the Surfer saved Earth but was exiled there as punishment without the possibility to come back to see his beloved Shalla Bal.

The Silver Surfer previously made his big screen debut in the Fantastic Four sequel released in 2007, and although he was totally digitally created he was the ost interesting moments in the movie (and when the character that you remember from a movie is a digital one and not the others played by humans it says a lot about how mediocre the movie was ).

There is more movies coming from Fox which is also developing a Doctor Doom movie as well as more new X-Men film properties than ever. Fox will release two X-Men movies this year: Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool sequel on May 18 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix on Nov. 2. The studio also is planning three X-Men movies for 2019, with another three expected the following year.

There is more in the full Hollywood Reporter that you can read HERE.

Those of you who’ve never read the Silver Surfer issues with art by the great John Buscema can read HERE the FULL issue no1 “The Origin of the Silver Surfer” by Stan Lee and John Buscema and HERE the full Silver Surfer #3: “The Power and the Prize!” in which the Surfer meet for the first time his nemesis Mephisto.

All issues of the original Silver Surfer comic books with artwork by John Buscema published between 1968 and 1970 are available for download on Amazon Kindle for $2.25 only HERE. There was 18 issues with art by John Buscema – and Stan Lee for the story – and i HIGHLY recommend the whole series. If you can’t buy them all, then buy the 8 first issues ( No 1 to 8 ). You won’t regret it, the art of John Buscema is gorgeous!

Pictures: copyright Marvel

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