Fastpass day coming up this Monday, looking for feedback on our plan before booking FP – I know it’s subjective based on everyone’s interests, but hoping to catch any fatal logistical flaws or big things we’re missing out on …

Going 4/13 – 4/19, staying at WL, 4 Day park tickets (MK x2, EP, DS), no PH. Myself, DH, DD7, DS5. Kids first (possibly only) trip to Disney.

Not planning riderswitch etc for any rides the kids can’t (DS5 42”) or won’t (DS7 scares easily) do, so skipping some big attractions (Space,ToT, RNR etc). DS7 into princesses, DS5 star wars, both kids love Frozen. Skipping AK, DH and I decided our kids would enjoy a 2nd MK day over AK.

Kids are early risers and don’t do well with late nights, so have limited evening plans and need both nap day-of and rest day after any late nights.

4/14 – MK Day 1 (9:00 open)
8:00 explore Main St and watch opening show.
RD Fantasyland – WP, Carousel, etc (not really “RD” b/c we don’t want to race the kids first day ever at MK!)
9:00-10:00 FP – PP
10:00 am BBB res (both kids)
10:30 -11:30 FP – SDMT
11:30- 12:30 FP – Enchanted Tales Belle
QS lunch (CH) then back to WL for nap
4:30pm CRT ADR – after dinner, whichever Fantasyland/Tomorrowland rides we can get FP or have shortest wait
9:00 pm HEA

Resort/pool day at WL with Chef Mickey late brunch and O’Hana dinner ADRs

4/16- Epcot (9:00 open)
RD Soarin and maybe TT (not sure this is feasible w/o FP?)
FW including:
9:30-10:30 FP- Character spot
11:00-12:00 FP – Spaceship Earth (debating this – is it really claustrophobic?)
QS lunch (Sunshine)
1-4pm WS start in Canada making our way to Norway for 4:30pm (nothing specific we plan to see/do in WS, maybe do Agent P)
4:00-5:00 FP – FEA
5:10 Akershus ADR
Back to resort

4/17 – HS (9:00 open)
Arrive 7:45 am to line up for Jedi training sign-up, after sign up head to
TTSM (no FP booking in April)
Disney Jr, and Frozen shows
11:00-12:00 FP- ST
11:40 JTA (fingers crossed for this timeslot)
QS lunch (Backlot)then back to WL for nap
4pm BB show
Star Wars Launch bay
5:50 Primetime ADR
6:40 Voyage of the little mermaid
9:15 SWGS (time just changed from 9 to 9:15 – could we now fit 8:30 Fantasmic??)

Resort/pool day. Maybe TL (have free pass). Whispering canyon dinner ADR

4/19 MK 2 (9:00 open)
8:30 am BOG ADR
Fantasyland/Tomorrowland (Barnstormer, Dumbo, Speedway, Astro, buzz lightyear, barnstormer, dumbo)
9:30-10:30 FP –Town Square Mickey
Over to Frontierland
FP 10:30 AM Splash Mountain
FP 11:30 AM BTM
QS lunch (Peco)
PTC, HM, Magic Carpets, Tom Sawyer etc. Will try for additional FP+ for some of these (before or after parade) and watch 3:00 FOF from frontierland.
Leave park by 5pm.

Thoughts? Any fatal flaws? Am trying to balance getting in as much as possible with not trying to do too much…

Would it be better to switch EP and MK Day 2 to take advantage of EP EMH on 4/19? Thought it would be nice to finish the week at MK, but are we missing out by not taking advantage of EMH? We have Akershus dinner ADR on both 4/17 and 4/19 (will cancel one) so switching is an option.

In MK, is there a better way to fit in Town Square Mickey?? Really want to do this for sentimental reasons, but logistically seems out of the way from everything else and that we definitely need FP for this?

this board has been so informative, thank you!!!

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