CM’s get the benefit of their “friends and family” longer booking window. So you need to create a MDE account and you need your friend to create an MDE account and link the accounts by becoming friends. That’s step 1.

Step 2. Tickets need to be attached to the accounts in order to reserve FP. If you are using your friend’s guest pass for admission, then only your friend will be able to make FPs. If you will be using some sort of normal ticket media, you can book yours and you will have the option to add his assuming he has a Maingate attached to his account. You will not see an option to reserve FPs for the guest passes in your MDE account, ever (this is annoying).

But he will have to have the Maingate in advance. In the old days, you would show your ID and get a temporary paper ticket, but once the MDE system rolled out they gave CM’s a plastic, reusable Maingate card and guest passes. So like others I am confused about why he doesn’t already have one. Is his employment starting sometime in the future?

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