Disney fan Tommy Ross is doing a series of fan-made teasers trailers for the upcoming live-action adaptations of Disney’s animated films. It’s done with no special funds so the fact that it is supposed to be “teaser trailers”  allows him to don’t have to reveal too much of the characters, something which would have needed a real budget. But, considering that it’s done with a mix of drone aerial footage, rides footage, others additional footage apparently filmed by him, and a brilliant editing, i think he’s done a great job, check it out below.

The first one below is a teaser trailer for Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Next is the one for Aladdin.

The next teaser trailer is for The Little Mermaid

Next is the one for Mulan

And the last one will be a teaser trailer for Alice in Wonderland

You can follow Tommy Ross on his Youtube channel HERE.

Videos: copyright Tommy Ross

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