It would probably be less confusing if I explained what I’m actually doing.

FP for RNR for DH and DD7
FP for ToT for DD9, DS5 and me
FP for everyone at Star Tours
FP for everyone at Muppets (because there is nothing to FP at this park and we do plan to go see it).

Then we are hoping to get 4th FPs for DD7 and me at RNR and Star Tours for everyone. Since RNR is Tier 1 and Star Tours is a repeat, all the other FPs have to get used.

But what is going to happen is that DH is going to take DS7 on both RNR and ToT because the other kids are saying they don’t want to ride either of them. That means the 3rd ToT needs to get tapped off or expire.

For the record, yes I know I’m making this overly complicated but the results will make DD7 happy. And I also don’t normally schedule FPs that we don’t plan to use, but DHS is a little ridiculous right now with lack of useful FPs. I do normally cancel ones we aren’t going to use, other than a couple of rare times where we just weren’t able to make it.

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