Thanks to D&M faithful reader Robert Stallard we have more exclusive pictures of  Disneyland Paris Hotel Castle Club secret “Founders Room”. As i told you in a previous article two weeks ago, due to the closure for renovation, the “Inventions” restaurant has been transferred temporarily to the California Grill restaurant where the popular breakfast with Disney characters is currently happening. Apparently the California Grill has been moved in the Founders Room which is located in the “Castle Club” on the 3rd floor.

Now, since the article was posted i’ve been told by a D&M reader that the Founders Room could become a new restaurant in the Disneyland Paris hotel, with the goal to have a 2 Stars Michelin restaurant. So far, so good. But on the other hand i’ve also been told that it might not be exactly that. As i’ve said, the Founders Room is located in the Castle Club section of the hotel, where there is already a private breakfast lounge and the rooms there are also more expensive than the floors below as they are on the higher floors and have the best views on the park. You can only enter the castle club by a special elevator where you need a special keycard for. A standard room for 4 people with two double beds next to each other will cost you around 1000€ per night and the suite rooms can go up to several thousands euros per night. So, the Castle Club is not for average guests.

Apparently it has always been a request from the Castle Club members to have “their” own private high end restaurant. Currently, the Founders room is mostly used for business meetings or for corporate companies private events but it seems that there is talks about doing a high end restaurant here but…. there is also some issues and so far it’s not certain that it will be done. What is sure as you’ll see on the pictures below is that the place, with its slightly art-deco style and furniture, is classy enough to make a great restaurant there.

Vintage pictures of Walt and his brother Roy are displayed in one of the windows of the Founders Room.

No doubt, the Founders Room is a great place to watch Disneyland Paris firework at night!

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Article pictures: copyright Robert Stallard, whom i thanks a lot for his kindness to share them with Disney and more! Make sure to visit his Facebook page Robert and Duffy HERE.

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