I booked a FP for FEA. We plan to rope drop Soarin and TT (not single rider). I really had to fight myself because I wanted to FP Soarin but everything I read here suggested that it’s so much easier to get an additional FP for this later. FEA is harder to get same day and isn’t an easy rope drop due to its location.

My Current plan:
– Soarin
– Test Track
– Nemo & Friends (FP)
– Mission space (FP)
– FEA (FP)

We booked Nemo as our first FP, in case we miss it standing in line for TT. We do have an ADR for Garden Grille at 8:20am on a 9am park day (no EMH). Our plan would be to RD soarin ahread of the pack. I haven’t decided if it’s worth it, to me, to keep the ADR or not.

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