My family of 4 (incl. two sons, 4 and 9) will be doing EMM on Tuesday, 4/10, and have FP+ for BTMRR 9:15-10:15, then Splash 10:15-11:15 (and Space later in the day).

I’m leaning towards hustling over to HM a little before 9 to ride as soon as it opens, then back to try to do one or two more non-EMM FL rides before stopping for breakfast ~9:45, aiming to get to BTMRR at the very end of the FP+ window.

Alternatively, we could do HM immediately after open, then BTMRR, then stop for breakfast after that.

Last option I’ve thought of would be to do breakfast on the earlier side (8:45-9:00?), then do HM a little later after park opening but hopefully before lines get too long, and then head straight to BTMRR after HM.

Would welcome thoughts from those who have done EMM before! This will be our very first day in the parks, so the kids should still have a fair amount of energy, but I also don’t want to exhaust them on Day 1!

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