We did morning EMH on a Monday in October, and we arrived about 40 minutes prior to rope drop, so we could do FOP. We had a FP for later in our trip but knew we wanted to ride more than once. I’d say 80% of the people flocked to Pandora, and of those, about 60% went to FOP. We were on the ride by 8:10 and heading to the rest of the park by 8:15. I’m super glad we did that, because the wait time for the rest of our trip were always 2+ hours, at times, over 3. After FOP we did everything else we wanted, with minimal wait times. It was an early start, but it was worth it. I can’t speak to EMH in the evening, if they still do those, I know they did when Pandora first opened. (Or at least were open later.)
If you’re not interested in Pandora, you can do a lot of stuff in that time. We walked on Everest, Dinosaur, and Triceratop. We only waited about 20 minutes for the safari.
I will say though, even though we were there at rope drop, there were still a ton of people and, taking into account the time we waited for transportation, waited to get through security, through admissions, in line to get into the park, in line to get into Pandora, and in line for FOP, we still ended up with a 2+ hour wait, it just wasn’t in the queue.

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