A friend just got back from 3 park days at wdw – first time ever at any Disney parks (she was in town for a conference, took her 4 yo). She said that rides were down in MK on fri and sat, with sat being the worst. Combine that with horribly long lines, and she said she never wants to go to MK again. They never got to ride Splash, HM, 7DMT,… despite having FP+ for them (rides went down, FP+ lines later were very long). They had a better time at HS on Sunday, but never got on ToT (had FP+ for RNRC and ToT, both of which went down, but she did manage to get on RNRC later).

She said if they decide to do wdw again during her conf next year, it’ll be HS, AK, and EPCOT – the down rides and long lines at MK put a sour taste in her mouth.

It’s sad that things are bad enough that they turn off people from ever visiting again.

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