1. Doea anyone know where you can meet Donald Duck where is he dressed in his original blue suit?

  2. Only at dhs

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  4. Where at at DHS?

  5. We got our photo with him at Disney Hollywood a few months ago.

  6. Just inside the entrance of the park to your left.

  7. Both Donald and Daisy were there.

  8. Awesome! He is my favorite and never have gotten a picture with him in his blue suit!

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  9. Great! Think we have met almost all the characters except Daisy!

  10. My favorite too. We got there right at drop and they were there taking photos. I imagine they are there off & on thru out the day.

  11. I saw him today at HS!
    He meets at the left after the tapstiles at opening for a couple of hours. Daisy also meets next to him.

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