Disney and more and the D&M Facebook page is special this week with a mix of the Disney and theme park news you like with a tribute to Thailand King Rama 9 who was “the Greatest King in the World” for his funeral happening today in Bangkok. If you scroll down you’ll find the Disney posts you’re looking for but i’ll be you, i’ll have a look to the funeral procession videos below as it was incredible. I’ve post plenty of screen captures of it HERE for the day time ceremony and HERE for the nighttime. And pictures of the Royal Crematorium can be seen HERE.

And if you have a look a bit closer with an open mind to the pictures and videos you’ll see that there are not without a link to what a Disney parks fan like. Instead of a castle there is a gorgeous funeral structure, there is ( real ) princes and princesses who came to attend the event, a real parade, and you won’t see a parade like this anytime soon – yes it was a funeral parade and not a happy one, but it was a gorgeous one. And there is even some part of the funeral more “Fantasyland” with dancers coming out right from the Thai mythology. In two words, even if it was a funeral, there is also a whole world of fantasy and if you open your mind enough you’ll see it. Which shouldn’t be too difficult with such elegance and beauty right in front of your eyes. Fantasy can be everywhere if you learn to see it, and today Thailand Kingdom had a lot of magic.

So, today Millions of Thais came to Bangkok Sanam Luang to pay tribute to their beloved King for his funeral and as there won’t be enough room for everyone all around the city some replicas of the crematorium in smaller size have been built in dozens of different places. Day and night pictures of the one near Bangkok Flower Market where is the flower tribute are HERE.

Great pics too of the flower tribute to the King done at Bangkok Flower Market. Thais people going to the King funeral entering by this side go through this 400 meters long flower tribute which ends with an elephant scene surrounded by mountain of flowers. Day and night pictures HERE.

The funeral of Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej started yesterday with an indoor ceremony and the full video of it is below. If you missed the “Live” hour the video link is still valid and it will start at the beginning of the ceremony. Due to the length of Buddhist rites difficult to understand for non-Thais people, this first video is mostly for our Thais friends.

However, even if you’re not Thai, i strongly recommend you to watch the funeral procession which happened this morning at Bangkok Sanam Luang, you won’t see something like this anytime soon. Part one and two videos are below. Part two is still “Live” at the time i post this article so if you wish to start at the beginning of it, bring back the video at the start.

Last part which also happened today, this time at nighttime. Gorgeous lighting on the Royal funeral structure and dozens of dignitaries and royals who came to pay tribute to King Rama 9 of Thailand: Prince Andrew for United Kingdom, Prince Akishino for Japan, General James Mattis for the U.S.A, etc… Please note that there has been NO live coverage of the King cremation, contrary to what was expected.

On this Friday 27, lavish parades in memory of Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej seems to never end, and there was a new one today currently happening in Bangkok, see screen captures from it HERE.

More videos of the others King funeral events which happened on October 28 and 29.

Below, a short BBC video explaining the making of the royal pyre for the King funeral.

And for those of you wishing to learn a bit more and understand what is currently happening during the incredible funeral of Thailand King Rama 9 in Bangkok, here is an infography explaining the “Cosmology in the Royal Cremation”.

And below an interesting infographic in today’s Bangkok Post about the sculptures around the Royal Crematorium at Sanam Luang.

Pictures: copyright Disney and more, DR

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