As we know a Jungle Cruise movie will enter in production anytime soon – with Dwayne Johnson in the main role – and it’s fair to say that we can probably expect a movie with more action than on Disneyland’s beloved ride. The rendering below was done in 2009 by the great Tim Delaney who worked on concepts for the movie at a time the Studios were already thinking to do a Jungle Cruise movie, and Tim was excited by the potential. I don’t know if the boat in the upcoming movie will be themed this way, so we’ll see.

If you remember it well, Dwayne Johnson also announced that Disney would do a new version of the  Jungle Cruise ride after the movie would be released, something that have been denied a few days later by Disney, so the classic versions of the ride shouldn’t change. However, seeing this great artwork, i was thinking that, if WDI Imagineers would like to bring changes to the ride, or create in the future a new version of the Jungle Cruise ride inspired by the movie, the boat theming as designed by Tim would be great to use. Just saying’…

Artwork: copyright Disney

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