You know the famous quote from Andy Warhol who, in the 70’s, said that in the future everyone will have his 15 minutes of glory? Well, today, it’s the day for Andreas Seltenheim who did for D&M something absolutely fantastic!

Early last week i’ve reposted the Geyser Mountain article that i’ve previously posted after Imagineer Pat Burke passed away and if you’ve not read it yet i strongly recommend to read it HERE as it includes the story line of this Geyser Mountain attraction that never was. The article included too Pat Burke sketches showing how Geyser Mountain would have looked like and Andreas had the genius idea to create in 3D with the Planet Coaster software the whole building. Even better, he did a video showing Geyser Mountain right in place where it should have been built at DLP Frontierland, near the geysers! As Planet Coaster don’t include a functional elevator drop ride Andreas couldn’t recreated the ride itself but only the exterior, and he did it with greatness, i’m sure that Pat Burke would have loved it.

I’m sure you’re dying to see all this so here are the video and some pictures of Geyser Mountain perfectly recreated by Andreas whom we can’t thank enough for the great job he did on this!

Now, let’s have a look at the pictures of Andreas CGI creation, and to make sure that you see how Andreas work is close to Pat Burke original sketches, here are Pat drawings again.

Fantastic night shots of Geyser Mountain!
This last picture shows two cowboys in the “vehicle” room, that Andreas put to have people inside the room.
Now, let’s hope that someone at DLP Imagineering will watch this video as may be it’ll give them the idea to finally build Geyser Mountain at Frontierland!
Pictures and video: copyright Andreas Seltenheim

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