With the reopening of Pirates of Caribbean the Blue Lagoon restaurant change its name and from now will be named “Captain Jack’s Pirates Restaurant”. In the new storyline “Captain Jack’s – Pirates Restaurant ” restaurant is a place that Jack Sparrow has won from Angelica Teach following a bet. In fact, if we miss the little sign that announces who the restaurant belonged to before, we find ourselves in a place where the only changes is the installation of pirates flags – supposedly to be historically correct pirates flags – and some few others decorative elements like “reward posters”.

Now, announcing a new restaurant when the furniture does not change and with no major changes in the decorations is necessarily disappointing. When we left we thought that Disneyland Paris Imagineers did not had the budget to update the place, although it was not really needed as the pre-existing restaurant was perfect. Captain Jack’s is therefore a real change only his name and the franchise aims to bring more visitors in it. This judgment is justified if the restaurant sees Captain Jack wandering between the tables, a question left unanswered by the imagineer Laurent Cayuela that you’ll see in the video below.

Here is the short video with Laurent Cayuela. It’s all in French and Laurent is sometime a bit difficult to hear, sorry about that.

Pictures and video: copyright DLP Welcome


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