For its 25th Anniversary Disneyland Paris released a new book, titled “Disneyland Paris From A to Z”. It’s a large format coffee table book – 35 x 26 cm – with 232 pages and a slipcase. It’s the second book released by DLP after the one they’ve published for the 25th Anniversary ( 20 Years of Dreams ) and, in my opinion, this one is better. 20 years of Dreams was great for those who wanted a recollection of all the great moments and events of the park since opening day in 1992 but i didn’t liked too much the layouts of the book. The layouts for this new book are much better, with more “air”, and the text both in english and french is more easily readable. So, that’s a real good point.

The title “Disneyland Paris From A  to Z” is an alibi to cover with each chapter a different aspect of the park ( A for Attractions, I for Imagineering, H for Hotels, etc… ) but it works pretty well and each chapter has plenty of fantastic pictures that for sure will delight all DLP fans. Although the book has an Imagineering chapter it’s not a book about the creation of the park – this angle was the one of my Disneyland Paris , from Sketch to Reality book – but they succeeded to find either Imagineering shots or concept-arts that i had never seen before so those of you who own my “From Sketch to Reality” book won’t find the same documents in this new DLP book. Have a look below at some of the great opening pages for the book chapters.

In addition to each “themed” chapter, it also includes in parallel others pages “Disneyland Paris around the clock”, showing the activity in the park at different times during the day, for different departments. Another good idea allowing to have an additional look at what’s happening behind the scenes, including when the park is closed at night.

The authors of the book are Jérémie Noyer and Mathias Dugoujon and both did a great job on the text of the book which has a foreword by DLP President Catherine Powell. Personally i consider that it’s the best book about DLP with the “From Sketch to Reality” book and if you must have only two books about DLP  these are the ones, so i strongly suggest you to buy this great “Disneyland Paris From A to Z” book next time you’ll be at Disneyland Paris. And if you don’t plan a visit to the parks – or simply live too far from Paris – please note that you can order the book through Disneyland Paris mail order service that you can contact by email at:

Disneyland Paris From A to Z” has 232 pages, cost 49.99€ only …and here is a last surprise as each book also include a GREAT and perfect facsimile of Disneyland Paris Commemorative “passport”, a real bonus and a “must” for DLP fans as the original ones are hard to find. That’s another good reason to buy this beautiful book!

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