UpdateDisneyland increased ticket prices on February 11, 2018.

Unless you’re under the age of 3, you’ll need a ticket to visit either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. There are a number of ticket options available. “Park Hopper” tickets give you the ability to visit both parks on the same day, while with a single day ticket, you may only visit one park. An annual pass provides admission to the parks for a period of one year, some blockout days may apply.

Disneyland Ticket Basics

Disneyland 2017 Ticket What do the Admission tickets include?

A single park ticket provides admission to one park for one day. You may exit and re-enter the park. Park hopper tickets and annual passes allow entrance to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure on the same day. Once inside the park you may experience all rides and attractions for no additional charge with the exception of the arcades and the Frontierland Shooting Gallery in Disneyland and the Boardwalk Games area of Disney’s California Adventure.

Are there adult and child tickets? How about Senior Citizen or Disabled Ticket prices?

Tickets are sold as “Guest 10+” for adult tickets and “Guest 3-9” for a child. There is no admission charge for those under the age of 3. There are no special tickets or discounts for disabled guests or senior citizens.

Do the tickets expire?

All tickets must be used by a specific date, which is typically sometime within one year of purchase. e.g. you may not purchase a park hopper in 2016 and use it in 2018. In addition, park hopper tickets expire 13 days after the first use, even if there are unused days left.

I heard that tickets are very expensive. Are there any discounts available at all?

Discounts on multi-day park hopper tickets are available if they are purchased in advance from the Disneyland web site. There is no charge to print your tickets at home using Disney’s eTicket option (see below), but there is an additional charge to either have the tickets shipped to you or to pick them up at the Will Call Booth.

There are also discounts on select ticket media that are offered to Southern California residents, civilian/military personnel, or those staying in Disneyland’s local “Good Neighbor Hotels.” Occasionally southern California supermarket chains will offer discounted tickets.

Depending on your affiliations, you may also find discounted tickets through your bank or credit union, workplace or union. They may also be available to members of the military, teachers, and those in public service. AAA offers discounted admission as standalone tickets or part of a Disneyland vacation package.

In addition there is a “Southern California City Pass” that offers a three-day Disneyland park hopper PLUS admission to Universal Studios, Sea World, and either the San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Safari Park. All tickets expire 13 days from the date the first ticket is used.

What is “Disney’s eTicket?”

Disney’s eTicket is an option for those who purchase their tickets on-line at Disneyland.com. By selecting the “eTicket” option at checkout, your tickets will be mailed as a PDF file to the email address you provide. Simply print out the eTicket page for each ticket purchased and present it at any of the entrance turnstiles – no need to go to the Will Call window first. The Cast Member at the entrance scans the bar code on the ticket and will exchange it for a standard Disneyland Resort ticket to be used for the remainder of your visit. There is no charge to use Disney’s eTicket.

Why does Disney take my picture at the entrance turnstiles?

Disney takes a photo of all guests, whether it is a single- or multi-day ticket, when they use that ticket to go through the turnstile the first time. This photo is entered into the ticketing system and used to identify the guest on subsequent park entries. Handstamps are no longer used.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets may be purchased at the ticket booths at the Main Entrance, online at www.Disneyland.com, or via phone at (714) 781-4400. Prices for tickets purchased at the ticket booths or via phone are the same; in addition there is a shipping charge of at least $10 for phone orders. For online purchases shipping is $3.00 for standard mail or $10.00 for express mail. Allow 17 days for standard shipping. Tickets purchased within 17 days of use may be picked up at the Will Call Window at Ticket Booth #4 for a $2.00 charge.

The MWR offices on many military installations offer discounted single day and multi-day passes. These passes are usually available for purchase by civilian employees and government contractors as well as military personnel – inquire with your local MWR office regarding their policy. Military ID is not required at the Disneyland entrance gate.

Multi-day park hoppers are available at Disneyland’s “Good Neighbor” hotels, usually at a discounted rate over what you would pay at the ticket booths. Sometimes the three- and four- day park hoppers offer an extra day for free. Ask your hotel if they participate in this program.

What about tickets from craigslist or eBay?

Disneyland has several authorized resellers of park tickets, however they do not conduct business on eBay or craiglist. Disney’s policy is that park tickets are not transferable, and as mentioned above Disney has begun associating guest photos with multi-day tickets.

Disneyland Annual PassAre Annual Passes Available?

There are six different types of Annual Passes available. Two of them, the Premier Annual Pass and the Signature Plus Annual Pass offer admission 365 days a year but all of the other passes have some number of blockout days — as the price of the pass decreases, the number of blockout days increases. All of the passes include dining discounts at various Disneyland resort restaurants, merchandise discounts at many locations, and special rates at the Disneyland resort hotels (subject to availability). Dining and merchandise discounts are higher for the Premier and Signature passes (15% / 20% compared to 10% / 10%). Premier and Signature/Signature Plus passholders also receive free parking at the pay-on-entry lots such as the Mickey & Friends parking structure and Toy Story parking lot. The annual parking feature may only be added to Deluxe or So Cal passes as a renewal of an existing parking add-on, and requires paying an additional fee. The Premier Pass is also valid for admission to the Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks, Disney Quest, and ESPN Wide World of Sports.

What are “Hard Ticketed Events?”

A “hard ticketed event” is a special event, such as Grad Night or Mickey’s Halloween Party, where the park closes early to regular guests, and then a special admission ticket is required for admission to the event. There are often Annual Passholder discounts available for these events.

One Day Tickets for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

Ticket: Adult 10+
Child 3-9
Adult 10+
Child 3-9
Adult 10+
Child 3-9
One Day, One Park $97.00 $91.00 $117.00 $110.00 $135.00 $127.00
One Day Park Hopper $147.00 $141.00 $167.00 $160.00 $185.00 $177.00

Multi-Day Tickets

Ticket Type Adult10+ Child 3-9
2-Day, One Park/Day   $210.00 $187.00
2-Day Hopper   $260.00 $248.00
3-Day, One Park/Day   $280.00 $264.00

3-Day Hopper

  $330.00 $314.00
4-Day, One Park/Day   $305.00 $287.00
4-Day Hopper   $355.00 $337.00
5-Day, One Park/Day   $320.00 $301.00
5-Day Hopper   $370.00 $351.00
Annual Passes      
Disney Premier Passport
Admission to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Theme Parks
Includes Parking and MaxPass
  $1579.00 $1579.00
Signature Plus Annual Pass
No Blackout Days
Includes Parking and MaxPass
  $1149.00 $1149.00
Signature Annual Pass
Blocked out 12/22-1/5
Includes Parking
  $999.00 $999.00
Deluxe Annual Pass/53 Blockout Days   $729.00 $729.00
The following passes are available to residents of southern California only – proof of residency will be required at the time the pass is issued.
Southern CA Annual Pass/ 145 Blockout Days
This passport is only available for renewal to existing passholders
  $549.00 $549.00
Southern CA Select Annual Pass/202 Blockout Days   $369.00 $369.00
Parking Add-on – RENEWAL ONLY   $219.00 $219.00
Blockout Day Ticket: NO LONGER AVAILABLE.   N/A N/A

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