D&M faithful reader Robert Stallard informed me that the Disneyland Paris Hotel Inventions restaurant is in renovation until February and has been moved to the California Grill restaurant nearby. During that time the California Grill has been moved upstairs to the Castle Club Founders Room on the 3rd floor, the same room from where Robert watched the fireworks during his “Sparkling Experience” dinner last month. Guests access to the Founders Room with the Castle Club private lift. The characters dining and breakfast which normally happen at the Inventions are now happening in the California Grill where Inventions has been moved.

As you’ll see on the pictures below coming from Robert it looks nice in the Founders Room and it confirms what i think since a while, i.e that the Founders room would be a great place to create a Club 33 at Disneyland Paris. DLP execs probably have thought about having a Club 33 at DLP and one of the reasons why there is no Club 33 might be because they won’t find French ( or others Europeans ) willing to pay the huge amount of money which is required to be part of a Club 33. It’s a pity as the Founders Room really would be perfect for a Club 33, not only it’s one of the best place to watch DLP fireworks at night… but half of the theming is already there, with the old books, old style furniture, etc… It would be very easy to include additional theming which probably wouldn’t cost a lot to create in the Founders room a Club 33.

Pictures: copyright Robert Stallard

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