Here we go for an extended update about Disneyland Paris Christmas season which began last week-end, with pictures and videos from Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster!

Before going further a few words about the Disneyland Paris book “From Sketch to Reality”. As i told you the publishing company stopped its activities but i managed to save 50 copies of the english edition and i’m doing a Christmas special offer on them, just like in the good old days. The French edition is totally out of stock but if you’re french, and wish to purchase the book in its english edition i will send you a PDF file of the full French text of the French edition.

You won’t find a better Christmas gift than this book which will provide hours of pure reading pleasure. All details to order the book are at the end of this article.

For this Christmas season that will end on January 7, 2018, the choice of Disney was to integrate the colors of the 25th Anniversary in the decorations of Main Street USA. The latter are therefore exclusively in silver and Blue. The result is up to par, with Town Square having the old decorations of Central Plaza to dedicate Town Square to the 25th Anniversary. Main Street makes the transition between the Christmas decorations and the 25th Ann, it’s simple and well thought.

This year the « Disney’s Christmas Parade » is back with new colors more flashy on the floats and the music has been completely changed. The result is not good, especially for music, which does not recall Christmas except to place the word « Christmas » in the lyrics. No sound allowing to refer to the season without any Christmas air that we know. Visitors who do not understand English, find themselves in front of a parade with a standardized music of Disneyland Paris, sung by a man and a woman during 4 minutes. There is a real lag between the visual and audio message!

What last year was the must of the season, this year, the parade lost in ambitions and is dethroned by two new shows that alone justify the visit to Disneyland Paris, “Mickey’s Christmas Big Band” and “Goofy’s Incredible Christmas”.

«Mickey’s Christmas Big Band» is THE not-to-be-missed show of the season which is played 5 times per day. Located in the shelter of the cold in Vidéopolis at Discoveryland, it is a real masterpiece show that is offered to visitors. This quality show links both the glamour of gala receptions worthy of the evenings of December 31st but also performances making references to Broadway between tap dance, singing and live music! Mickey, Minnie and Goofy are also in the show to deliver performances, away the childish side that can be found in the « Merry Stitchmas » show at the Royal Castle Stage. This show is definitely a must-see this Christmas season.

At Frontierland, the Fuente del Oro restaurant has been themed with new decorations on the theme of Pixar animated movie « Coco ». And, surprise, it is possible to meet a puppet of Miguel, the hero of the film.

As every Christmas season, Frozen sing-along takes place in the Chaparral Theater! That said, it is worth noting that it will be the last season for this show as the stage will be demolished and rebuilt to eliminate the pillars in the middle of sight. Demolition will happen in 2018.

At the WDS park this Christmas Disney offers to its guests a whole new night show on the Tower of Terror facade, offering an alternative or a combo at Disney Illumination in the Disneyland Park. This show proves, once again the technological skills of the Disney teams in the design (unlike the adaptation) of night-time shows.

The energy and the dynamite is found throughout « Goofy’s Incredible Christmas », although there are some regrettable lengths during the moments on stage, but this is only detail. This celebration is perfect to close a visit to Disneyland Paris with Santa Claus!

And that’s it for this long DLP Christmas update! Max will be back soon with a new one, in the meantime here is all you need to know to order a copy of the “Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality” book and have it in time for Christmas. First, it’s a 320 pages book with 750 pictures of the park including 250 WDI artworks! It’s also probably the best Christmas gift you can find for a Disney Parks fan – and it is true! Read below how to place your order.

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For French readers a PDF file of the full French text of the French edition will be sent.
Lecteurs Français: Etant donné que l’édition française est épuisée, un fichier du texte complet original en Français sera envoyé aux acheteurs Français ne comprenant pas l’anglais.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipping usually takes around two weeks for countries outside France but can take up to 3-4 weeks sometime, so to make sure you’ll get the book for Christmas please place your order as soon as possible, thanks!

If you’ve never see the book before, please watch the video below showing the full 320 pages of the book!

Pictures and videos: copyright DLP Welcome, D&M

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