1. Is this one of those “pre fireworks” type shows that will happen prior to Star Wars fireworks? There are no times available for it on Easter Sunday (April 1st). Maybe they schedule it later?

  2. Yes, we saw it prior to the Star Wars fireworks in December.

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  4. Yes it’s pre fireworks we saw it early December before jingle bam not on the schedule but a pleasant surprise

  5. We saw it at Thanksgiving and Xmas. It ends about 10 minutes before fireworks. It’s neat, it reminds me a lot of the last room in The Great Movie Ride, uses some of the same footage.

  6. twoolle

    twoolle DIS Veteran

    Mar 10, 2014

    How long before SWAGS does it start?

  7. If I remember correctly, Movie Magic was 8:30pm, ending around 8:47pm and JBJB was 9pm. I’d presume it’s the same for Star Wars.

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  8. CAS239

    CAS239 Disney Vet Squad ∞

    Apr 27, 2014

    Tonight it’s at 7:40 with Star wars at 8

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  9. Awesome thank you!

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