I know this is probably in the wrong place, but it might be beneficial to someone who knows someone considering the DCP. After going to summer school a few summers and graduating from college a semester early, our daughter decided to do the Disney college program. I guess it was a way to play before having to start working in earnest for the rest of her life.

First of all, Disney works the kids like dogs. $10 per hour + OT. They worked 50-60 hours per week and most of that on their feet. The CP apartments were a complete dump. When she moved in, the bathtub was so disgusting that no matter how much they tried to clean it, they still had to wear flip fops to take a shower.

Before the program ended, she applied for and got a professional internship with Disney. It was more behind the scenes, in which she worked in a park part of the time, though also had an office off stage as they call it. She got $1 more per hour, but made less money because there was no OT, because it was a strictly 40 hour per week job. I thought it was nothing but waste of time and money, and a way to put off the inevitable of going out and finding a real career.

When she returned home after the program was over, she started applying for jobs online. The first week she applied for maybe 50-60 jobs online. The request for interviews started pouring in. At first online and telephone interviews and then she was driving out of town each week for followup personal interviews. Many of the companies she talked to ACTUALLY TOLD HER that what made her stand out was the experience she had with Disney College Program and Professional Internship. Within 3 weeks of starting to apply for jobs, she accepted her first job. What I thought was a complete waste of time and money, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

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