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DHI Podcast 038 – Women on a Wire Part 2

Woman on a Wire Part 2


Todd James Pierce

On the DHI podcast this month, we continue our story of Women on a Wire, tales of aerialists who rode the wire as Tinkerbell at Disneyland.  In this episode, we focus on Mimi Zerbini, the second woman to play the pixie.  To illustrate the episode, we’ve included a gallery (below) from Mimi’s personal collection.  The images includes (in order): (1) Mimi in costume, (2) Mimi, up top with Chuck, (3) Mimi in Wardrobe, (4) John Dikeman coming up the Matterhorn ladder, (5) Len Jones with the recently re-done Tinkerbell sled and wand, (6) Hank Dains, and (7) Mimi on the set of The GnomemobileClick on each photo to expand it to full size.

Links to the podcast episode:

Lastly, a quick note: You can contact me through my personal webpage.   My most recent book, THREE YEARS IN WONDERLAND is a detailed narrative history of the development of Disneyland (from 1953-1956), a moment by moment account of its creation and opening: the struggles, the challenges, the in-fighting and the success.  You can find it on Amazon.  And remember, even when things are a bit slow on the blog, the DHI Facebook Group is always jumping with new posts relating to the history of Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Company. –TJP

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