You mentioned being at Disney Springs the day before. When will you be arriving? Can you go to your resort the day before and do a pre-check in? You can do a pre-check in and receive your magic bands up to 10 days in advance. This is a copy and paste from the Throwaway room Update thread (what a guest in a similar situation was told via email by guest services):

We give complimentary Magic Bands® when a guest stays at any of our resorts including the campsites. If you live in the US, then we send out your MBs to you in advance. You can begin to do your online check in at 60 days prior to check in, through your My Disney Experience® (MDX) account. You can actually go to the resort ten days in advance of your check in date to activate your package so you can begin to use it. That cannot be done online or over the phone, but only at the resort itself and only ten days or less prior to check in. So, you see, we have plenty of options for you in regards to what you are asking. I hope this helps to answer your questions and that you have a magical visit with us.”

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