I would switch the FOP FP+ to the Navi River, then as soon as you arrive get your DAS for FOP …

Normally I would do a FP+ for something with a long wait time rather than burn up that much DAS time but since you have others in the morning, you would do better as long as you got your DAS immediately on arrival. It allows you to roll the 4th FP+, and there is plenty to do in AK without a FP+ alone with your FP+ … all while waiting for FOP. Try for Navi in the morning too. AND it is not impossible to do FOP with a 4th, you just have to refresh often and maybe do each individually picking up overlapping times. That way if your friend likes it they can do it again. My DS LOVES it, it is very “freeing” for him.

Last trip because we started our day at the AK Guest Relations, they added the FOP DAS on there and we didn’t have to go to the ride to get it.

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