When I see a posted 35 minute wait right now (5pm) for Small World – on an off-peak month like this is – I can’t help but wonder if we are doomed this July.

Over two hours now for the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train.

Obviously we will use FastPass+ and book them 60 days out – but I read how quickly THEY get “sold out”.

Sure – a lot don’t ever get used and we can try throughout the day – but that’s not my main concern.

Are the crowds REALLY that large? (Again, based on 35 minute wait for Small World – a very fast loading ride that despite being a classic really isn’t a “must see”. In January. On a Wednesday.)

(Maybe) related question, for veteran WDW goers – Did FastPass+ help or hurt overall? Our last trip was 5 or 6 years ago – again in July – and we never waited long for anything (thanks to FastPass as well as getting there are opening). I sure don’t recall more than maybe a 5-10 minute wait for Small World. Even Splash Mountain – without FastPass – was maybe 45 minutes.

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