I’ll try to keep my point concise but it’s tough to describe.

Has WDW grown so popular the experience has suffered?

It’s been several years since we’ve been there. Since 1989 through I think 2011 we’ve been 8 times total. We always managed to see (almost) everything we expected/wanted to see. I was NEVER concerned ahead of time about crowds, lines etc.

We always got to a park at opening (not exactly rope drop but close). Then did a second park late afternoon or evening. We really didn’t use FastPass extensively – and sometimes we had one and realized we didn’t need it.

Anyway – we always came away feeling incredibly satisfied with our trip. Well worth going – well worth the money (very expensive, but it’s Disney.)

Things seem so very different now. The stress of getting everything set up properly in MDE (which seems to have issues every other day as I check what we have set up so far. And the new version won’t work at all on my tablet.)

And the REAL stress is yet to come – getting FP+ 60 days out, which means 6 consecutive days of stress every early morning (6AM Central time). And THAT requires fairly detailed advanced planning for every day ahead of time. And then being able to adjust that in case we lose out on what we want for that day.

Sorry – I LOVE Disney – but all this seems ABSURD.

What’s the problem? What changed? TOO many headliners drawing more crowds? It certainly isn’t price decreases – at least during the summer (the only time we can go due to teachers in our family).

My “off the top of my head” theory – it’s WAY past time for them to build the fifth park:

MK – 1971
Epcot – 1982
Studios – 1989
AK – 1998

No more than 11 years between new parks with an average of 9. But now it’s TWENTY years and counting.

The 50th is going to be a nightmare, isn’t it?

I LOVE Disney but this vacation will require WAY more planning than ever – and has WAY too much potential for disappointment. I used to get excited planning our Disney trips. Now it’s starting to feel more like doing my taxes.

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