My eyes are starting to cross from reading FAQs so hoping someone can tell me if this makes sense. We are traveling as a family of 4 – DH, me, DD6 (46-47 inches) and DS2 (36 inches). I’m aiming for a “loosely planned” type of day – have our 3 FPs, but be flexible enough to go slow for our kids’ interests/abilities. No park hoppers.

Our FP day is Sunday so would like to have a sense of what we want before then to ensure I’m prepared… Any comments on how long it will take to get from point A to point B would be greatly appreciated, as well as what order to put them in (best case scenario). Now on to the novel…I’ve listed my choices in priority order

Animal Kingdom
*This is our first day, and after arriving late the night before it’s a toss-up how early we will get to this park, so RD plans may not work.*

1. Tier 1 – FoP (Going to try for FoP but if none available in AM will go to NRJ.)
2. Tier 2 – Expedition Everest (DD has been on rollercoasters near home before and loved them, so I think she will be OK).
3. Tier 3 – Kilimanjaro Safaris (Unless by some miracle DS grows 2 inches in the next 60 days, Kali River Rapids is going to be out for him)

Magic Kingdom
Going to try for 7DMT on both days, but will likely choose one or the other and revise plans according to what we can get. Intending to RD both days.*

Day 1 (EMH) – This will be our longest park day – we have the fireworks dessert party booked. Thinking we will RD EMH, skip the parade this day and go back to our resort for a mid-day break, then return early evening.

1. 7DMT (Hoping DS magically grows lol)
2. Splash Mtn – ride swap
3. Big Thunder – ride swap
4. Peter Pan (If we can’t get #1)

Day 2 – The park closes at 6 on this day. Seeing the parade will be a priority. Likely will not take a mid-day break, though DS will probably nap in stroller.

1. 7DMT
2. Space Mtn – ride swap
3. (Open to suggestion? Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh?)

Intending to RD, take an afternoon break once we finish our FPs, and potentially go back for fireworks depending on how everyone feels
1. FEA
2. Turtle Talk
3. Spaceship earth? (I’m not sold on Mission:Space)

Hollywood Studios
*TSMM will not be available for FP during our trip. Probably won’t RD – this will be a slower paced resting type day.

1. RNRC – rideswap with both kids (Don’t think DD will be tall enough)
2. ToT – Ride swap
3. Frozen show? (no real preference)

Disney Star Wars Resort

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