For complicated reasons involving tours and ADRs, we might need to “Rope Drop” Epcot on an EMH morning. Only problem is: we’re staying offsite. :headache:

If that weren’t bad enough, we’ll be visiting mid-March, when crowds will definitely be high. (Though, from the looks of it lately, when are they not?)

Are we going to run into hour-long waits at Soarin’ and Test Track right off the bat? I can’t grab any FP+ for that morning, because I’m keeping them for MK later that day.

Just wondering if this is worthwhile at all. I do have another Epcot day scheduled, but I’m using our FP+ for FEA, so Soarin’ and TT are looking doubtful. We could live without doing TT on this trip, but Soarin’ is one of our favorites.

Thanks in advance!

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