According to @lentesta on the WDWMAGIC Forums, Club 33 sales have begun at Walt Disney World.

Reportedly, residents of Golden Oak have been approached about membership to Club 33, with pricing put at around $25,000 joining fee, and dues of $15,000 per year.

Word of Club 33 at Walt Disney World surfaced in April of 2017, with Disney gauging interest, but not making any detailed announcements.

Similar to the unique membership club founded by Walt Disney at Disneyland Resort, members will gain access to unique locations at all four Walt Disney World theme parks. Pictured above is an expansion to the Adventureland Veranda at the Magic Kingdom which will be home to one of the in-park locations for Club 33.

In recent times, Disney has been focussing on adding more premium experiences to its offerings throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. With homes selling for upwards of $10 million in the Golden Oak development at the heart of the resort, there is certainly a customer base for this type of exclusive membership.

Article Posted: Jan 26, 2018 / 7:12pm ET

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