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Walt Disney Family Museum: Disneyland Model [PART 1]

It's referred to as "The Disneyland of Walt's Imagination". It's the Walt Disney Family Museum's million-dollar masterpiece scale model representing many things built or conceptualized in Walt Disney's lifetime. And it's magnificent. The 14-foot diameter hand-crafted model is among the most elaborate and detailed scale models in the theme park industry. On a recent visit

More Disney That Never Was

By Michael - March 11th, 2017 Few topics are more fascinating for fans than the mysterious realm of unbuilt Disney attractions. Occasionally, we’re lucky enough to come across rarely-seen artwork for these attractions in the online portfolios of Imagineers. I recently spotted a few rare gems in the profile of veteran designer Bob Baranick, and

Inside Out! Episode Five

By Michael - July 24th, 2016 It’s been quite a week… quite a month… quite a year… pretty much all around the world. So why not let’s escape all that – escape through space and time to a magical place called 1994. When the world was new. Yes, it’s time for a new episode of