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Is Disney Planning to End the Epcot Monorail Line?

Is  Disney planning to end the Epcot Monorail? According to a source of Lance from Screamscape the answer may be yes. Why would they do such a crazy thing as the lost of the Epcot Monorail would be for sure a big lost of kinetic energy for the park? Well, if you follow me on

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Inside Out! Episode Five

By Michael - July 24th, 2016 It’s been quite a week… quite a month… quite a year… pretty much all around the world. So why not let’s escape all that – escape through space and time to a magical place called 1994. When the world was new. Yes, it’s time for a new episode of

End of Line?. . . Not Yet!

My Dear Futurists,Over the past several years, I’ve rather unwisely poured everything into this project. Designing “the worlds most unique EPCOT Centered endeavor” takes a lot of time, energy and finances to bring to reality, all of which are interrelated to one another. Time & energy spent away from my “day job”, investing in a

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Did You Sea This News?

With all the incredible advances in learning more about the alien world beneath our feet, every day it seems more and more of a shame that EPCOT only offers up cartoon fish and singing stingrays."Seas that would make this planet unlike any other within the realm of our knowledge. ... It is there, in those

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Why EPCOT Lost Its Way

At the D23 Expo last week, a frenzied festival of corporate control and spin, there was this discovery:How did Disney allow this to escape?  Or this? What on Spaceship Earth was someone at Disney thinking when they allowed things like this to be seen? Of course, you'll probably recognize these as abandoned, never-built concepts for

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The Best EPCOT?

Yes, I know ... it's been a while since I've posted, thanks to business travel and all sorts of other distractions.  But with the recent rumors floating fast and furious that Phineas and Ferb will join Nemo and the Three Caballeros in the endless dumbing down of a half-empty EPCOT, here's a video I stumbled

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Money, Money, Money

Let's talk about money for a minute.Three decades ago, Disney built EPCOT Center for $1 billion, and the cost of a one-day pass to EPCOT Center or The Magic Kingdom was $15, a 13% increase over ticket prices just one year earlier.  The cost of admission for a family of four (adult tickets) to visit

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Memories of EPCOT Center

Memorial Day may be past, but it still seems an appropriate time to remember some of the best aspects of a bygone EPCOT Center.  Although many have suggested that the goal is to "turn EPCOT into a museum," nothing could be further from the truth: EPCOT Central would love to see EPCOT take the best

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