Wait, you are from Texas and found FL humidity a surprise? Seriously? I’ve spent a lot of time in Texas, half my family lives there. It’s as hot, and humid, as FL, if not hotter and more humid. At least Central Texas is, from Dallas to Beaumont. That is quite shocking to me. Maybe all of TX isn’t as humid? I know here in TN we are just as humid in the summer. This time of year, not so much.

As to what I’m packing for this weekend’s trip, the same things I wear here at home for the same temps, as I always do for trips to Disney. 70 in FL is the same as 70 in TN to me. 50 in FL is the same, 80 in FL is the same, etc. Rain is the same too. Cloudy and 50 is cooler than sunny and 50, just like in TN (and I’d venture to guess in TX)

So yeah, layers are what we do. It means we start and end the day with a jacket and utilize a locker for them in the middle.

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