EdmondD, I was actually wondering the same thing…

We’re planning a Christmas trip to WDW this year. The only other time we’ve gone later than the first week of December was in 2008, when we were there from 12/18-12/26. At that time, all of my research indicated that crowds didn’t get bad until Christmas day, so we planned to do the least crowded park (as predicted by one of those touring guide services) on that day, and then leave early in the morning on the 26th. I was really worried it would be wall-to-wall people the entire time, but it was an absolutely incredible trip that we still remember as one of our favorites to this very day…perfect weather, light crowds until the 25th, and an absolutely magical way to spend the days leading up to Christmas. My D was only 6 at the time, and we have precious photos of her standing next to the “Only ___ days ’til Christmas” sign that they put up at the end of Main Street…and she was beyond amazed that Santa was still able to find her at WDW and bring her her most wished-for present. :)

I know that much has changed since those days, though…I often read on this board that there is no “slow time” at WDW anymore, and I know we definitely noticed in the 2000s some times of the year that used to be completely uncrowded were no longer so…so I’m guessing we may not still be able to count on it being uncrowded until the 25th. Anyone been in the past few years who can share their experience with crowd levels at this time of year?

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