Hoping for a little assistance with deciding which park day goes where. Family of 4, DD will be 6, DS will be 2.5. We arrive late on a Wednesday night 4/11, so our first possible park day is 4/12. We depart on 4/18 for home.

Staying onsite – We have 5 day passes (no hoppers) and little early bird children who are up at the break of dawn at home (which will be roughly 4:30am ET, ugh lol). So… EMH will likely be something we can take advantage of. I am thinking:

Thurs 4/12: MK (because, first day of Disney ever for the kids)… But… this is the only day for EP EMH during our stay. Then again, we get in late so may be the only day we wouldn’t be up in time anyway.

Fri 4/13: MK for EMH, afternoon naptime, back in the evening for HEA (potentially dessert party if any openings left but not holding my breath)

Sat 4/14: DHS or off day

Sun 4/15: DHS or off day

Mon 4/16: AK (EMH)

Tues 4/17: Epcot (EMH until 11pm – we won’t be there that late, will it impact crowds during the day?)

At this point we are still really flexible, no ADRs to worry about… but I do want to nail down before our FP day in Feb.

What else should I be taking into account? Help? :)

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