I think for this trip, we will be ready to ditch the stroller- my daughter will be 6 and I think she can handle MK, AK, and HS fine- maybe we will rent for the day at Epcot depending on how she’s doing… I am very not judgy on how parents handle this – whatever works best for you!

Anyhoo, our last 4 trips we had the stroller which was awesome to cart our water, ponchos, etc. I usually just use a cross-body bag for my wallet, phone, sunscreen.

I am considering using a backpack for some small essentials- it never appealed to me before but since we will be going in Novemeber (hopefully cooler weather) and it is our first stroller-free trip, was trying to get a handle on what it might be like. I promise we will pack light!

Do you bring backpacks on rides? Like the coasters and thrill rides and stuff? Or do they need to go in a locker? That seems like a hassle and might be a deal breaker.


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