I was thinking of getting an AP before the increase (for use in November), but opted not to but still willing to shell out the extra $70 come November. (I just wanted to wait on that decision (and spending the money) until it was closer to activating it). I plan on “saving” some of that increased cost by getting a ton of gift cards at Target for the 5% discount. Just buying $849 in gift cards saves $42 (over half the cost of the increase).

For me .. I am purposely getting it to SAVE money on ticket prices .. but if anything it will make me spend MORE money at WDW (hotel, food, souvenirs, etc.). It is easy to calculate that going for two 4-day trips is cheaper getting an AP than getting two 4-day park hopper passes at $455 each. If the AP wasn’t an option at all, I wouldn’t even consider a second trip within the same year.

My goal is to go in November and then go again right before my daughter turns 3 in October of 2019 (while she is still free).
The thought is do a 1-2 punch with two 4+ day trips in 11 months and HOPEFULLY catch Toy Story Land opening in 2018 and SWGE in fall of 2019 (which may be risky — who knows when it will be ready to open).

If I get the AP .. I’ll save money on per day ticket cost, but that will probably encourage me to go a 3rd time in the Spring or Summer 2019 (especially since my sister’s family may be going then) (being only 8 hours away) . which means more money spent on hotels, food and souvenirs (and gas money to drive there).

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