We will be visiting in August. Obviously, I expect Toy Story Land to be open, but what I’m wondering about is FP booking. I’m also wondering if the opening of Toy Story Land brings enough back to the table to make DHS worth it for my family, or if we are going to wait a bit longer until Star Wars opens before returning to DHS.

My son is 14 now, and my daughter is 23. The daughter won’t step foot on a roller coaster, no way no how. My son will, but I’m not sure that the Slinky Dog coaster is going to do it for him, so there is at least some possibility that Toy Story Land will be a bust for us. Outside of that, no one rides ToT. Two of us will do RnRC, but it isn’t a must do. Three of us enjoy Star Tours, the daughter won’t ride it at all, so that leaves us with TSMM, and a couple of shows.

It is possible that we will do two days in AK, and split the remainder of our trip between MK and Epcot.

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