These are the only two rides at Disney that I haven’t conquered, and I really want to get the courage to do them both on my next trip. I’ve never had issues with motion sickness before, so my only issue is just being afraid.

I’m mostly just a coaster chicken though. I’ve always done fine on motion simulators…they don’t scare me and again, I never have issues with motion sickness. Spinny rides don’t bother me either (other than just feeling dizzy and needing to sit for a minute or two after getting off). I can ride Star Tours, Soarin’, and Primeval Whirl with no issue, and can pretty much spin the teacups as fast as they’ll go. I have done the green side of Mission Space and of course it was fine. I’ve also ridden a gravitron ride with no problem. So I’ve wondered whether I should do MS orange. All the warnings they have posted throughout the queue still freak me out even though I’ve never had problems with motion sickness. I’ve also seen some people who claim they never had motion sickness before, but MS orange was a totally different story. I’m also a little worried about the tight space. I can be a little claustrophobic. I definitely noticed what a tight space it was when I rode green, but it wasn’t enough to bother me. I’m just worried that the sensations you get on orange (like pressure on your body) combined with the tight space might freak me out. I’m just so on the fence about trying orange…it sounds like a cool experience IF you can stomach it! And even as a “chicken”, green almost didn’t seem quite thrilling enough. I just don’t want to get on orange, and then feel sick, feel like I’m going to pass out/die, or get freaked out by the tight space and be stuck on the ride!

And again…I’ve always been a coaster chicken. I refused to ride them throughout my childhood, but when I was 15 and went on a school trip to Six Flags over Georgia, my friend convinced me to get on a couple…the Dahlonega Mine Train which was a more family-friendly coaster, and the Georgia Cyclone, which was a more intense one, but it was a wooden one (so no loops, and I don’t recall any enormous drops). I braved another wooden coaster called Thunderhead when my family went to Dollywood. I remember the initial drop (which was about 100 feet) being terrifying and making me question whether I should have gotten on, but the rest of the ride was a breeze (just going fast through banked turns and maybe some small drops here and there, which I can handle). As for Disney coasters, for a long time I would only ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but on my last trip I conquered Space Mountain and Expedition Everest. Shockingly, I even got myself on Tower of Terror (drop rides always seemed even more terrifying to me than roller coasters). I was proud of myself and so glad that I did all three. TOT was definitely the most intense one for me and while I’m glad I did it once, I’m not that wild about going on it again, especially because of the randomized drop sequence (when I went on, we dropped 4 times which I tolerated, but I’ve read that it can potentially drop up to 7 or 8 times and I think I’d pass out at that point! :eek:). I got a little freaked out at how dark Space Mountain was as we were going up the lift hill, but I decided I was just going to pretend like I was in space and have fun! And I did :) Everest was awesome too, but I’ll admit the backwards part freaked me out a little at first! That was also the first roller coaster that made me dizzy…not while I was on the ride but as soon as I stepped off of it. :confused3 Still wasn’t sick to my stomach at all though, and the dizziness went away after a minute or so.

So, I would like to try Rock n’ Roller Coaster, but the launch and the fact that there are inversions make me nervous. I’ve never ridden any coaster with a launch or inversions before. I’ve watched a video of it with the lights on. The initial launch and loop just look so intense, but then the rest of the ride doesn’t look that bad, and there aren’t even any big drops, so maybe I can just get through the beginning and enjoy the rest, kind of like I did on Thunderhead? The thought of going upside down still just scares me though! Are the inversions/launches any worse than the backwards section on Everest? I just feel like Everest and those wooden coasters I’ve ridden are pretty much my limit when it comes to coasters, so I’m just wondering how much worse RnRC is than those, and if I can handle it.

So based on what I’ve conquered already, can I handle these two rides? And I’d love to hear any fellow chickens’ experiences on these rides. :)

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