Hi everyone. We have so many trips to Disney planned that we bought Annual Passes as it is going to save us a ton of money. The problem is, our first trip, Easter week, we are staying at Universal due to lack of options and super high prices on what was left on Disney property. I know we can’t book Fastpasses until 30 days out because we are not on property but I am really confused about how we can even book Fastpasses at all. Our Annual Pass will not even be activated until the first day that we get to DisneyWorld. Is there any way at all to book Fastpasses in this kind of situation? I hate to go into the park with no fastpasses, that will really hurt us but if we have no choice we will have to make it work. Luckily we are going back 3 more times before our passes will run out so in the future we can use Fastpasses but during such an insanely busy time I am sure we will have a hard time getting anything the day of. Is there any way they work with you on this?

tldr: Staying off property and Annual passes are not activated yet, how/when can we book Fastpasses?

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